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Posted by on Jun 21, 2018 in Coaching, Dear Coach Kiki, Emotional Learning, Emotional Life Lesson | 0 comments

#ThrowBackThursday Readiness Theory for Making a Change

Hope the week has been great so far — the weekend is fast approaching! Is it your first week of the summer? Whatever it is, have fun. Then again, have fun today. Don’t wait for the weekend, or special occasions — make every day special. Appreciate it.

This is a post I’m recycling for #ThrowBackThursday. It’s a theory I began working on well over a decade ago while working with individual coaching clients, and it’s been proving to be true. I’m proud to say that instructors are teaching it in their classes in the USA as well as internationally.

It’s about how different people make changes in different ways. How they get ready to make a change. What that readiness might look like.

If you’d like to teach it in your class/es, please let me know, and let’s talk about how you’ll be presenting it. This is a very brief version. If you’d like materials to go with it, we can discuss that too.

How do you make a change? Do any of these readiness styles fit your style, or do you have a different style that’s uniquely yours? Please let me know — always happy to get more information and feedback.

Weingarten’s Theory of Readiness (sm)- When? How? Best Way To?

One of the things I love about the work I do is exploring and developing new theories in order to assist people and groups to understand, articulate and achieve their goals.

One interesting phenomenon I’ve been studying & developing as a theory for learning and change is something I call “The Readiness Theory”.

In its simplest form, different people get ready & become acclimated to changes in their lives in different ways.

  1. Some people dive right in and get used to the experience while they’re muddling through it.
  2. Some people need to have all the elements in place before they can make a change or move.
  3. Some people make a change and then take a few steps back before they jump right in again.
  4. Some people make a change before they’re ready to live it and then act that out in different ways.

Readiness will show up in many ways and will also impact the process of change, as well as the psychological & emotional adaptations.

Emotional Education Questions:

  • What’s your readiness style and how has it impacted your decisions?
  • How has it helped or impeded your ability to make changes in your life?

Making a Change

Many issues and questions come up when people think about making a change in their lives.

  • Professional changes can include changes to different areas of your life as well. Your financial situation can change in the short term.
  • You may begin to question your professional identity “if I’m not a _____ than what am I?
  • Lifestyle, leisure and geographical locations may change.
  • In the short term you might feel disconnected from yourself and a bit confused, but in the interest of your long-term change you persevere.

The great news is that change is possible

It can mean redefining yourself and your place in your career, profession and world.

It means beginning with the person you are today.

Coaching questions for making a change:

  1. What is working? (besides you…)
  2. What isn’t working? (besides everything else…)
  3. What do you see as obstacles to making changes?
  4. How badly do you want to make a change?
  5. What are you willing to do in order to make the change?

Change takes time. Everything takes time.

People don’t move at superhuman or technological speed.

Making a new plan for yourself, incorporating new elements into your life, contemplating change and making it a reality takes time.

Begin by asking yourself how you’ll fit all that into your already busy day/week/schedule.

Create your own plan based on your own readiness style.

Good luck!

Have a great weekend!


Your life is like no other. sm

Kiki aka Coach Kiki

aka Rebecca Kiki Weingarten, M.Sc.Ed, MFA

Have a question you’d like answered? Or an issue you’d like some thoughts on? Ask away.

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