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Posted by on May 2, 2018 in Advice, Coaching, Dear Coach Kiki | 0 comments

Questions and Answers


Got questions? Great! I love answering them. Don’t hesitate or feel strange about asking. Chances are very good that there are lots of people who have the same question/s. So, ask away.

People ask me questions all the time, and I love answering them. Sometimes it’s on a one-to-one basis, sometimes small group situations, sometimes seminars and larger groups, sometimes it’s for articles and/or books.

Often — lots of people are dealing with the same kinds of issues so I get the same question in different ways from lots of different people. So after hearing lots of “why don’t you answer online?” I’ve decided to do it here.

Since I’m interdisciplinary, the questions and topics will vary. Mostly they’ll focus on career issues, organizing information, personal development, professional development, education, creativity, writing, stress, burnout, identifying & maximizing your strengths + talents, focusing in an always-on world, and more.

Feel free to email your questions, or ask via Twitter.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Coach Kiki

Find me on Twitter @CoachKiki

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