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Posted by on Jun 13, 2018 in Advice, Coaching, Dear Coach Kiki, Emotional Learning, Emotional Life Lesson, Feelings, Job Hunt | 0 comments

Can Career Change, Promotion or even Passion/Meaning Projects Trigger Imposter Syndrome? Part 4 of a 4-part series on Imposter Syndrome.

Hope you’re having a great week!

And now, for the 4th and final part of the series on Imposter Syndrome.

In part 1, In A Panic had gotten the job of her dreams — and it sent her into a tailspin.

In Part 2 I talked about something that comes up with many/most individual & group clients, that I call Situational Imposter Syndrome.

In Part 3 I described how sometimes it makes perfect sense to experience Imposter Syndrome.

In this final installment of the series on Imposter Syndrome, I’ll share some thoughts on

Can Career Change, Promotion or even Passion/Meaning Projects Trigger Imposter Syndrome?

Many of my clients often miss the fact that their career changes can, and often do cause feelings of Imposter Syndrome.

Here are some coaching tips that I put together for employers and managers to help with the process:

Employers and managers can (and should) help new employees, or people in new positions by assisting them in the transition process.

This may include offering:

  • Clear information about the new job/role
  • Information about the chain of command  including who they work with and report to
  • Performance expectations
  • Performance review requirements
  • A website with information about each role
  • Short scheduled meetings or consultations with management, HR, internal or external coaches on personal process and how that might mesh with company/business expectations.
  • Consultation with management or internal/external coaches on skills that need to be learned, maximized, or improved for the specific job

Coaching Tips to help you through the beginning phases of the change:

  • Think of previous success
  • Prepare
  • Transferable skills
  • Prepare
  • Positive self talk
  • Prepare
  • Take notes on what you need to improve — and —
  • Improve it
  • Prepare

That can mean preparing before you get the job, or while you’re at the beginning stages of any new role.

Sometimes nothing a person does, or as much as they prepare, helps. There are many reasons for that. Some you’re not even aware of consciously.

Emotional Life Lesson Note:

These can happen at any stage, age, or change in life — including work, school, project based, career change, or life change.

  • Feelings of low self esteem
  • Old tapes you’ve incorporated from important (to you) people in your life. Like the messages you hear in your head telling you negative things about yourself.
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Disinterest in what you’re doing
  • Doing something for someone else — it’s not what you wanted to do at all

This can lead to depressed, or anxious- or both feelings. Which can lead to a different kind of disconnect where everyone out there thinks, or perceives, of you in one way and you feel completely different inside…deep down you’re feeling like an imposter since you don’t feel anything like what everyone else thinks you are.

Emotional and Psychological Experiences:

Even in the midst of outward success you’re experiencing a sense of —

  • Feeling as if people don’t know the ‘real you’
  • Feeling invisible
  • Not being understood
  • Not being heard
  • Not fitting in
  • Not being the ‘real you’
  • Not being genuine, authentic even with those closest to you

If you’re experiencing Imposter Syndrome occasionally, know that it’s normal and happens to many (most!) people at some points in their lives.

Coaching Tip + Emotional Life Lesson:

  • Discover the areas of your life where you feel the most authentic.
  • Explore the facets of those experiences that encourage the feelings of authenticity.
  • Strategize ways to include more of those kinds of experiences into your life.

Wishing you a great day, and remember —

Your life is like no other. sm

Have a great one,

Kiki aka Coach Kiki

aka Rebecca Kiki Weingarten, M.Sc.Ed, MFA

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