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Posted by on Aug 22, 2018 in Coaching, Dear Coach Kiki, Emotional Learning, Emotional Life Lesson, Feelings, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I’m Burned Out. (I’m even too burned out to tell you how burned out I am.)


Hope you’re having a great week.

So, the last post was a really extensive question/request with lots of information and details. This one? Check it out.

I’m burned out.

Yes. That’s the whole question via email. In the subject line. I wrote back asking if the person wanted to add a bit more information so I could make some specific suggestions.

*Crickets* in response.

So, I’m going to make a leap here and figure someone is super super super burned out, and respond to that.

Dear Burned Out,

I hear you. I hear you. I hear you. Not only do I hear it from clients of all ages, in so many different work and life situations, but I’ve be been there myself. Who hasn’t?

No, really — who hasn’t felt burned out at some point?

(Aside) Dear Very Lucky Person, If you haven’t ever felt burned out by a situation, please write to me and let me know. I want to hear all about it!!

Now — Burned Out, do you even have the energy to read a whole long answer? (What to do…what to do…) I’m guessing not-so-much so I’ll answer in a few points.

Important Note: I’m not addressing depression or any mental health issue here. I’m speaking to regular ol’ burn out. The kind most of us face at some point.

Coaching Tips:

  • Find something you enjoy. Anything. Spend some time involved with it. It will hopefully give you a tiny bit of energy to put one foot in front of the other to take one tiny step.
  • Doing something you enjoy will remind you that there’s something you enjoy, will hopefully take some of that “everything sucks” off of you, and lift your mood — even if it’s for a little while.
  • Now, clear off the cobwebs of same-old-same-old thinking and start thinking about what it is that you’re feeling burned out by.
  • Send yourself an email with that thought in the subject line.
  • Create a new email folder so you can keep track of what you’ve sent yourself — and also hopefully so you can track the great progress you’ll be making.
  • Think about something new you might want to do. (I know, I know, I know, — who has the energy to do that while feeling so burned out? Burn out takes the energy right out of you.
  • Send yourself that thought in the subject of an email.
  • Do you have a friend or coach you can throw the thought around with? Just saying it.
  • If that feels like it’s way too much right now — do some online searches about the topic.

Coaching Thoughts + Emotional Life Lessons:

I know from working with clients, that even tiny steps like the above can feel like way too much to try when you’re feeling burned out. I get it. The way to get out of feeling burned out, though, is to envision something different, and start working toward it.

“Working toward it” doesn’t mean doing it all in one day, changing everything in one day, or one week, or even a month.

It took you a while to get to this state, it will take a bit of time to get out of it.

You can do it though.

Picturing a different reality is one step, that you can do on your own, wherever you are.

I can’t give you too much direction without more information, but I did want to tell you there IS hope. There is a way to get out of a burned out state. There are ways to feel good again.

Excited. Energized. Enjoying life. Really. I’ve seen it happen to many people, and have worked with many, many people to help them get there.

It’s possible.

Take the first few steps.

One at a time.

When the weight of burnout is off you a bit, take a few more.

If you have the energy to write more, I’m happy to hear from you.


Your life is like no other

Kiki aka Coach Kiki

aka Rebecca Kiki Weingarten, M.Sc.Ed, MFA

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