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Posted by on Jun 28, 2018 in Advice, Coaching, Dear Coach Kiki, Emotional Learning, Emotional Life Lesson, Life Lesson | 0 comments

Same Sh*t, Different Day — (But WHY?)

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Happy early summer!

Every year about this time I start thinking about possible lessons or interpretations of Independence Day. In that vein, I’ve been thinking of the spirit of independence from old ways and things that aren’t right for you anymore… which makes me think about how important it is to find what you want in life and find ways to turn your dream to a reality…

To that end, I bring you — A real-time question-comment from a long term client — let’s call him G.

Along with that,

  • A quick thought about why G is the perfect person to learn from
  • Coaching questions in response to think about over the holiday weekend
  • Takeaways to make your life more interesting

G’s Question-Comment:

“I talk to people all the time, and I ask them how things are going, and they say ‘same sh*t different day’ and my reaction is, WHY??? There’s so much out there, it’s a great world, it’s a great life, why would it be ‘same sh*t, different day’??”

I stopped him right there, and asked if I could use that as the next Dear Coach Kiki.

Why G is the Perfect Person to have said/asked this:

Now, I could spend this entire response on describing G and how motivational, inspiring, energetic, energizing, great attitude-y, hard worker, devoted to the people in his life, (and the new people he meets in life) and go on and on and on about what an amazing person G is, but in the interest of his privacy, I’ll stop right here.

Okay, okay, okay, one quick thing about why we should be listening to G’s question, and how he talks his talk so you understand that it’s possible to have different things and different days, and enjoy your life your way.

G? He learned how to swim in his 40s — uh…and… became an IronMan! (a triathlete)

Really. And not just one IronMan, so he could say he did it — which would be fine (I should only be able to say I did an IronMan). He’s done many IronMan races.

Like I said, there’s so much more I could say about G as far as life, work, family, passion + meaning elements — but to protect his privacy I’ll stop here. I’ll focus on the question, and some general direction through questions for getting going to make shifts in your life so you too can enjoy more of your days in different ways.

I’m going to throw out some questions that can get you started thinking about how your days can be different in positive ways.

Coaching Tip: Be honest with yourself — don’t think about what will look good on social media, or what you think people expect you to say. Jot down the first thing that comes to mind.

Personal Development via Coaching Questions:

  1. What are your priorities? What’s important to you in your life.
  2. What would you need to become open to exploring new (really new) options in your life, work, passion projects, meaning projects, hobbies and more?
  3. What attitude shifts do you need to become more open to trying new things?
  4. If you try something, and it’s not right for your life, how can you become okay saying, and acting on, “I gave it a shot, it’s not right for me, let’s explore the next thing in order to find a good fit?”
  5. What do you need in order to persevere?
  6. Do you need to strengthen your internal motivation? An external support system? What kind of support system?
  7. What’s going right in your life? Maybe it’s time to focus on that for a change.
  8. How motivated are you? What’s behind your motivation?
  9. How can you motivate yourself to continue working on having the new, different things in your life when the process isn’t simple, and when it isn’t easy to do?

Coaching and Emotional Life Lessons:

  • Asking yourself these questions, and answering as best as you can, is the beginning of the process.
  • You might surprise yourself. (Really!)
  • Don’t think about the “how will I _________” while answering the questions. That comes later.
  • Chances are if you ask yourself these questions in 6 months (and you’ve done some work on yourself between now and then) some of  your answers might be different.
  • Be patient with yourself. The answers might take some digging.
  • If you get stuck with a question, stop, go on to the next one, and then go back to the one you haven’t answered.
  • Why shouldn’t your life include Amazing Stuff Every Day?   

Happy Independence Day!


Your life is like no other

Kiki aka Coach Kiki

aka Rebecca Kiki Weingarten, M.Sc.Ed, MFA

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