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Rebecca "Kiki" Weingarten



Happy to work with you on:  

1. Executive, Career, and Career Change Coaching. Individual and group.

    What is coaching? Simple. Making your life better.

    How? Making the right changes for you, in the way that’s best for you.  

2. Human Touch in Tech =  Working and consulting with corporations, startups, businesses, app developers, healthcare, mental healthcare, education, coaching and more to design technology and apps that people will use, and continue to use.

3. Creating multidisciplinary and interprofessional solutions, programs, and projects =  Combining high-tech and high touch educational, psychological, social, and emotional elements.

4. Being Human in A Digital World  = Educational training, seminars, workshops, speaking and programs for groups and individuals.

5. Discovering, Articulating, and Sharing Your MasterCraft = What’s your superpower? Getting it out there to others.

6. Speaking and Keynote Topics include, but are not limited to:

    (These can be modified for different groups, interest groups, industries, ages and more.)

  • Making The Right Change (for you or your organization)
  • Human Touch In Tech
  • Being Human In a Digital World
  • Finding Focus in a Distracting World
  • Raising Focused Children in a Distracting World
  • Reducing Anxiety and Worry in an All-News-All-The-Time Society
  • Strengths and Superpowers — Discovering Them and Maximizing Them
  • Emotions in a Cognitive World — Why We Need Them and How To Understand Them
  • Coaching and Therapy — What’s The Difference?
  • Enhancing Creativity

For more information:


Phone – 646.355.8759

Twitter DM @CoachKiki

Or feel free to use the contact form below.

About: Rebecca “Kiki” Weingarten M.Sc.Ed, MFA is a Career, Corporate, Education and Life Coach and the Co-Founder and President of NYC based Tradecraft Coaching and Consulting. She coaches individuals, corporations, government, non-profits, educational institutions, edutainment and entertainment companies to enable them to grow and transition effectively and to attain their goals through individual coaching, program development and on-site training, workshops and seminars. She developed and led a multi year coaching program series developed in association with targeted Barnes and Noble locations in the tri-state region including programs, presentations, seminars and workshops on topics including focus, productivity, creativity, writing, motivation building, education, edutainment and creative project development.

Rebecca “Kiki” Weingarten M.Sc. Ed, MFA has been featured as an expert in national publications including The AP, The New York Times, ESPN, Business Week, Nasdaq, Forbes, the LA Times, eFinancialNews, American Academy of Financial Management, Chicago Sun Times, Dow Jones/Marketwatch, MSN, WebMD, Yahoo/HotJobs, Chicago Tribune, ASTD Magazine, Physician’s Money Digest, Executive Health & Wealth, Human Resources Executive,, Scholastic, Self, Better Homes & Gardens, Women’s Health, and others.

Weingarten’s multi and interdisciplinary approach and proprietary programs are a result of her own career transitions including time spent in NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s administration as Director of a joint NYC/NYS citywide program, an early internet pioneer, educator, program developer and trainer as well as being a produced playwright, script consultant and character analyst for film, tv and fiction. She implements her extensive training and education in the fields of education, counseling, psychology, psychoanalysis, neuropsychobiology, creative writing, theater and film. Often called a polymath, her passion is combining and using her areas of expertise in order to guide and motivate individuals, corporations, businesses, edutainment and entertainment entities (and their projects) to identify and achieve their goals, change themselves and the world, be wildly successful and inspire others.

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